Guided Meditations

This meditation is based on its own method of hypnosis to meet the spirit of guidance. We all have at least one spirit of guidance that knows you well, is connected with you, and is always with you. If you know them, this will be a two-way communication. In this meditation, you will be able to meet your guide spirit. And anytime you want to meet with them, just repeat the meditation . Please listen to the meditation with headphones.

Meditation for finding the purpose of your soul, and your life journey

Each of us has been born for a reason and has come a long way to get to where we are. After birth, due to the hassles of life, we forget the reason of why we we came here. hrough this method of hypnosis, we delve into the depths of your consciousness to find the the purpose of your soul in this world. The answers you seek are within you. You just need to look behind the vale and focus

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Do these meditations every time you want to get in contact with your higher self and guide spirit. To keep being in touch with them you’re going to need practice. This will not happen over night and is going to take some time, until you can be able to hear, or even see them without the meditation. These meditations are the beginning of your journey for these sort of connections

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Meditation to unblock blockages and attract wealth

There are two meditations in this package

 Meditation for clearing the subconscious, and Meditation to attract wealth and blessings

This meditation package is for clearing our negative energies, thoughts, and beliefs, whether we are aware of them or not. As long as our subconscious mind has blockages, we are not able to take control of our lives and attract the positives to crystallize our desires. In fact, we reject our own blessings. This very deep meditation was created through the method of hypnosis, and is also effective during sleep.  Please note that this meditation will only work if you first do the meditation for clearing your subconscious. Please listen to the meditation with headphones.

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Meditation for clearing relationship Karma

Did you know that you have invisible cords of energy going from you to other people and from them to you? Unless you use meditation to sever them, you have energy cords attached to you that you do not need. You cannot get rid of something if you are not even aware that it exists.The cords can be from a number of different sources – from all kinds of past relationships; family, lovers, friends, co-workers

Often these cords keep us ‘attached’ to unhealthy emotions and energy from our past, to people we thought we had let go, or they follow us home from the daily grind. Until we consciously let them go, we are unable to free ourselves and move forward to our full potential.

The purpose of this meditation is to cut off the energy chords between us and everything that drains our energy, from all dimensions and time

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